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Patrick Norton's Final Show

Yesterday was Patrick Norton's last live show of G4TechTV's: The Screen Savers. On July 16, the TSS crew will be moving to their new set in LA. Patrick and his wife-to-be have chosen to stay in the Bay Area rather than make the move to LA. No word on who will be replacing Patrick as co-host.

G4 TechTV has approximately 20 new pre-recorded episodes with Patrick as co-host that will be aired over the next few weeks.


I have held off changing from cable to Satellite because of TecTV and Leo and Patrick. Now there is no reason to stay with cable. I am 57 and enjoyed the help wtih computer issues. It was done in a manner that made you feel like an adult. Patrick, I believe you will do well with what ever you do with your life. You are leaving a lot of people that enjoyed your help with 'dignaty'. Thanks and I for one will miss your help.