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My Favorite [Free] Things

-Mozilla Firefox
This is the best browser out there. I've been using Mozilla since I worked at Interlink in 1999. It's been my primary browser since 2002.

-office supplied coffee
Does it mean I'm addicted to caffine when I make statements like, "I really don't mind going to work. I can drink coffee and surf the internet there?"

This is the content management system I use for my weblog. It's pretty full featured and easy to use.

-Strongbad's weekly email

Updated most Monday's this email series has quickly become my favorite cartoon series. It's also sure to kill 5 minutes on Monday and might even cause me to laugh out lowd. I have a del.icio.us links tag for my favorites. (http://del.icio.us/sizemoresr/homestarrunner)

Even if you don't have an iPod, podcast are really cool. Podcasts are basically 'radio shows' that are distributed as mp3 files on the internet. I currently listen to the macCast and Leo's KFI airchecks.

I just started using this durring the weekend. It's a great tool to share photo's on the internet. I'm currently using the free account, but will probably upgrade to the pro account.

-free wi fi
It seems to be almost everywhere these days. Panrea bread has it.

Throughout the day I post links to del.icio.us. It allows me to visit that same page at a later date from another location.

-fedora core
I've been using redhat since version 6. Fedora core is the free version of the redhat linux distro. It looks awesome and is widely supported.

Gmail is a free e-mail account. It gives you 1GB of storage space, and have a very powerfull search tool. I forward all of my personal emails to gmail. As well as notes to myself throughout the day. I kinda use it as a second brain. I can "ask" it thinks like "UTA Dates 2005" or "bikeweek 2005"

I use gaim to sign it to my aim and msn im accounts. At work I use gaim more often than my desk phone.